Website Design for Charities

We deliver beautifully crafted, intelligent websites designed to help your charity grow. Easy to update and packed with functionality, our websites are built to connect with your target audience. 

Aloud Charity responsive website design in mobile and tablet

Work with a team you can trust

We take the guesswork out of charity website design and development with detailed quotations, clear deliverables, and seamless project management. No surprises!

Increase donations

To encourage potential donors to part with their hard earned money, we need to nurture an emotional connection. By showcasing the vital work your charity does in a real world context, we can help to increase donations.

Build trust with your funders

In a competitive marketplace a great brand and website design can be the difference between a funding body choosing you or another charity. Our designs showcase your impact, building confidence with prospective funders.

Save time and expense

You’re a charity so we know saving money is important. We’ll lend a hand whenever you need it, but we give you the tools needed to make changes yourself… saving you time and money. 

GDPR Compliant

It’s important your website protects the privacy of its users,  but handling user consent is the last thing you want to worry about. We take this weight off your shoulders with affordable, trustworthy cookie management software that handles it all for you.

Safe and secure

The security of your website is our number one priority. We include a range of security measures in every website we build and perform daily backups should you run into any problems. We do everything in our power to keep your website safe and secure. 

In-house design and development

We design all our websites from scratch so you can be sure that everything in your website is geared towards your target audience. Our designers work side-by-side with our developers, meaning no matter your requirements, we have the skills and expertise in house to create it.

Building long-term relationships

Thanks to our flexible pricing structure, we can tailor our services to charities of all sizes. Our approach to ongoing support is flexible, designed to provide help where it’s needed without tying you into long-term contracts. 

Reliable website hosting for you charity

We offer a variety of hosting solutions from shared hosting through to scalable cloud hosting. Our data centre is located in London, keeping your website and any personal information securely hosted within the UK.

Fast load speeds

A slow loading website is a surefire way to drive people back to Google. We make sure your website loads quickly,  keeping users happy and engaged with your content.

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Benefits of developing your solicitor website in WordPress

Save time and money​

Our approach gives us the flexibility to create functionality rich, visually impressive websites whilst giving you full control of your content. Don’t worry about having to dabble in code – you’ll have full access to a very user-friendly admin area to add and edit content as you wish.

Functionality rich

Whether you’re looking for a lead generation brochure website, ecommerce, booking or membership site, WordPress has you covered. Infinitely expandable, WordPress provides great, cost-effective options to grow your business online. 

Freedom to move​

WordPress is licensed under the GPL which was created to protect your freedoms. Our focus is on building relationships with clients who want to work with us because of the value we add to their business so we won’t hold you to ransom with long-term contracts. By using open-source software you are free to change developers if you wish. We’d hate to see you go, but if you did want to move your website for any reason, you’re free to do so.

Continual development​

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system. Of all CMS websites online, WordPress powers nearly half of them. Everything from simple websites and blogs to enterprise websites are built with WordPress. Its popularity ensures it has the largest developer community, continually updating the platform and plugins to ensure security and functionality improvements.