Brain Blasterz

Designing a dynamic digital experience to match the bold flavours of Brain Blasterz sour candy.

Brain Blasterz website design

A bit about the project

Take one look at the Brain Blasterz logo and you’ll see a brand that’s bursting at the seams with attitude. Their sour candy is next level (#1 in Europe and the Middle East, in fact) so we were thrilled when they asked us to create a website that showcased the business in all its tangy glory.

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Our Solution

The Brain Blasterz brand identity packs a real punch, so we made use of bold colours and custom animations to design a dynamic website that oozes confidence. Eye catching calls to action prompt visitors to purchase via recommended retailers, while easy-to-use contact forms make wholesale enquiries a no-brainer for traders.

A massive selling point for the company is their unique sour scale which allows consumers to choose from delicately tangy treats to mouth-puckering sour sweets. We made this USP a core feature of the website’s product area by creating a custom animation that allows users to browse the products, ascending in sourness as they scroll.

We’re pretty proud of this project, but possibly prouder of how quickly our team devoured the samples; not to brag, but we’re a level five kind of team 😎 How much can you handle?

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From brief, to concept, to implementation, I could not be more impressed with the effectiveness, exceptional communication and high standard at which the team at Karolo carried out our website design and development. Having received praise from staff and customers alike, our new website design and functionality has taken our brand to a new level.
Ryan Edwards
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Our Solution

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