Cardiff Capital Region Annual Report

Designing an annual report that communicates the impressive progress of the Cardiff Capital Region’s activities.

CCR Annual Report multiple spreads
With another impressive year under their belt, Cardiff Capital Region approached us to design and print an annual report to document their achievements from the past year. It was important that the report was engaging, easy to digest, and had that keepsake quality that a lot of reports lack.
CCR Annual Report spread

Maintaining the identity

We ensured the report stayed on-brand with the use of their recognisable colour palette and typography. To keep it fresh for the reader, we created a flexible grid system enabling us to design varied but consistent layouts across spreads. It’s always easy to keep track of where you are in the document with handy colour-coded chapter markers on the edge of each page.

CCR Annual Report spread map
CCR Annual Report spread infographic

Infographics that pop

We love the challenge of being able to take data and statistics and transform them into something special! We crafted a series of bespoke infographics to entice readers and give their statistics the wow-factor they deserve.

CCR Annual Report Covers

Printed perfection

When it came to fine details, we didn’t just stop at the design. The annual report was printed with a gorgeous soft touch cover and silk interior pages that ooze quality and wouldn’t look out of place on a magazine stand. We can’t wait to get started on the next one!

CCR Annual Report spread section cover
CCR Annual Report contents

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