Fourteen Drops

Building a fresh e-commerce website to showcase the diverse product range at Fourteen Drops and increase sales.

Fourteen Drops Ecommerce Website Product Page Design

A bit about the project

Fourteen Drops made their name as a boutique wine bar and shop in North Yorkshire. With little to no web presence, the wine enthusiasts came to us to build a website that would communicate the excellent reputation they’d earned themselves while giving customers the opportunity to buy online.

Fourteen Drops Ecommerce Website Product Listing Page Design
Fourteen Drops Website Homepage Design

Our solution

We used a minimalist colour palette to design a fresh and impressive website that exudes luxury. The simple navigation, clear calls-to-action and easy-to-browse shop layout all encourage potential customers to load up their baskets.

Once on the shop page, users can easily filter by their preferred tipple, while true wine aficionados can get set up a subscription as quick and easy as buying any other product.

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