Informed Magazine

Designing a quarterly digital magazine featuring ‘news you can use’ for the business community in Wales.

Informed magazine design

A bit about the project

Back in 2020, Chambers Wales and their content-creating partners at Effective Communication sought our creative design expertise for a major new publication. In what was an incredibly challenging time for businesses throughout the country, they wanted the magazine to offer practical guidance and solutions to help people make better Informed decisions.

Informed magazine internal spread design
Informed magazine cover design
Informed magazine internal spread design

Our Solution

Since this magazine was to be published four times a year, we devised a custom design system that would maintain consistency across all later issues. With a uniform grid structure for articles, as well as clearly defined guidelines for infographics, typography, colours and image treatment, mission ‘keep it consistent’ has been a clear success.

Circulated to over 21,000 people, we needed a way to display the digital publication that would offer a smooth experience for readers. Using the software Flipsnack, we  upload the each issue to the Chambers Wales website where visitors can seamlessly flip through the pages. The first issue was published in early 2021 and with the help of our carefully designed social media graphics, every launch has generated buzz for Informed and Welsh businesses.

Informed magazine internal spread design
Informed magazine cover and internal spread design

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