James Douglas

Microsite design for James Douglas Estate Agents to help rent 152 properties in Cardiff Bay

James Douglas Estate Agent Microsite Design

About the Project

As anyone who’s tried to rent their property will know, it’s not always easy to find the right people at the right time. Times that problem by 152 and you’ll get a sense of the task that’s being undertaken by James Douglas, a well established estate agents based in Cardiff. With the launch of two new developments in Cardiff Bay, 152 properties have all come on the market at the same time… in the middle of winter, a notoriously tricky time for letting properties.

A central hub for marketing efforts

With a sizeable task on their hands, the team at James Douglas needed a way to promote the great value and benefits of these properties, whilst also showcasing all that Cardiff Bay has to offer. Working alongside their existing marketing team, we designed a microsite to act as a central hub for all their marketing efforts. This website could then be linked to from press releases, social media posts and digital advertising in order to entice potential renters to arrange a viewing.

The website promotes each location with photographs, price ranges, key facts and descriptions. A stylised map was designed to show the properties proximity to restaurants, pubs and supermarkets – the essentials in life! In order to give people a sense of what life might be like living in the Bay, we included various photographs from the Millenium Centre, the Norwegian Church, the Barage and then venturing out further to the beaches within an hours drive.

The website is a great advertisement for the lengths James Douglas will go to provide a great service to their customers.

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