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A bold website that encourages users to get involved in the future of Shibboleth software.

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Shibboleth responsive design in tablet and mobile

About the Project

Shibboleth provides world-famous identity management technology and is financially, technically and strategically supported by the Shibboleth Consortium and its 50+ global members.

With software relied upon by some of the most familiar academic, not-for-profit and commercial names, the support of the Shibboleth Consortium is a crucial cog in Shibboleth’s machine. Shibboleth’s old website was a bit of a maze for those seeking technical information about the software, and the benefits of becoming a Consortium Member were lost among the jargon.

We were chosen by the board to design an easy-to-navigate space that would simultaneously inform users about the Consortium’s role while encouraging users to become members.

Shibboleth responsive design mobile
Shibboleth website in laptop
Shibboleth Map design

Our Solution

Shibboleth’s existing Wiki already contains all the technical info a user could possibly need, so we wanted to avoid doubling up on any of that. Instead, we designed a concise support area that directs users to the Wiki pages most relevant to their query while highlighting the additional support they’d be entitled to as a Consortium member.

Speaking of incentivising membership, bold calls to action throughout the site make it simple for organisations to learn more and take the next step in joining.

Peppered throughout the site are fun features including animated graphs and an interactive member map which illustrate the vast reach of the Consortium and build credibility with the site’s users.

We pushed the boat out even further with custom graphics and carefully constructed copy to create an exciting identity that Consortium members would be proud to be part of.

Thank you very much to the whole Karolo team on our new Consortium website – it looks absolutely brilliant and so much better than what we had. I’ve had some very positive feedback already from the Board and colleagues here at Jisc. I’ve really enjoyed working with you on the project and I think you’ve done a superb job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karolo to others!
Justin Knight
Consortium Manager
Shibboleth website design
Shibboleth responsive website in mobile

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