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Creating a vibrant and user-friendly website for multi-faith ashram Skanda Vale.

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A bit about the project

Every year, more than 90,000 pilgrims from different religions travel to Skanda Vale to worship together in harmony. With so many visitors to the ashram itself, you can just imagine the scale of their website traffic. So we set about designing and building a new website that would encourage its many viewers to visit, support or simply connect with the organisation.

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Our Solution

There was so much to go into this site, so we started off with an in-depth discovery phase to work out exactly what was needed. From there, we devised the best possible site structure that made sure their incredible wealth of information would be easy for users to browse.

By using a vibrant colour palette, subtle motion effects and beautiful photography, the final design visually communicates the sights, sounds, and experiences users can expect from a visit to Skanda Vale.

Visit Skanda Vale Website Pages
Visit Skanda Vale Website Pages

A website that works for its visitors

With their many services run entirely by volunteers, Skanda Vale needed their website to handle as much admin for them as possible. So we created a range of custom forms with conditional logic to gather information for the team while allowing users to book accommodation, educational visits, or coach groups in a flash. We even used forms to create an automated system for users to offer and request car share opportunities. 

Here are a few more of the clever bits our developers have built:  

  • An online store built using WooCommerce ensures users a smooth shopping experience.
  • Integration with Google calendar allows visitors to easily see puja times and dates of special events.
  • Livestreams of daily pujas are easy to view, and simple for the team to manage, through integration with Mixlr.
  • A dedicated area for all Skanda Vale’s music lets users browse by song, album, keyword or deity tag with links to purchase the albums from the shop.

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