Swansea Local Development Plan

Crafting an inspirational identity, printed literature and stationery for Swansea Council's vision for the region's future.

About the Project

Swansea Local Development Plan 2 is a strategic planning document that outlines the development framework for Swansea, between 2023 and 2038. The team behind this ambitious project approached us to help create a brand that encapsulated everything Swansea has to offer – delivery a range of materials that brought their ideas to live. 

A vibrant logo packed with meaning

SLDP2 focuses on four primary areas: economy, environment, social, and culture. With this in mind, we got to work exploring different ways of visually communicate these four key elements. In logo design, less is more, so trying to convey these big topics in such a small space was no mean feat!

After consulting with the client and choosing a clear direction, we developed our ideas to really localise the brand. 

The Sail Bridge, Three Cliffs Bay and the Tower all feature to give the logo a uniquely ‘Swansea’ feel. 

Encouraging engagement and feedback

LDP2 by its very nature is content heavy. The subject matter is detailed but incredibly important for the local area. 

To encourage engagement we structured the content into manageable ‘chunks’, creating an overview document to focus on the core vision and objectives. This then led onto two detailed papers, each over 100 pages. A range of posters was also created, with all the materials utilising a complimentary colour palette and localised illustrations. 

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