Building a powerful website that boosts lead generation and showcases Vanzone’s impressive catalogue of vans for hire and purchase.

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Vanzone website design

A bit about the project

Barry-based van dealers, Vanzone, are nationally renowned for their exceptional offers and top-notch customer service. They came to us to build a powerful new website that would generate more enquiries while maintaining and promoting their reputation for excellence, and we couldn’t wait to get the project into gear. 

Vanzone van deals page website design
Vanzone website homepage design

Our Solution

With hundreds of vans on offer at any one time, we quickly prioritised structuring the product listings to make it easy for customers to browse and find their perfect van. Whether looking for a particular brand, size, or type of van, users can narrow down their search using visual prompts, scanning the illustrative icons and brand logos in the dropdown menus. Detailed van pages include further icons denoting a range of features and specifications, allowing customers to quickly digest all the important details without having to plough through a torrent of text.  

One of Vanzone’s top USPs is their promise to provide the best van deals in the UK, so we wanted this to be front and centre on the new website. On the homepage, a simple slideshow shows off the month’s top deals, while the special offers page lets users browse all live offers, all including strong calls to action so users can easily get in touch about any offer that catches their eye.

The Vanzone team are an impressive bunch – just read a few of their Google reviews for some flattering feedback! The marketing team are no exception, and work hard to keep tabs on how well their offers and social media ads are performing. To make their lives a little easier, we implemented custom tracking code, so they know exactly where their new leads are coming from.  

Vanzone website displaying van details and sizing information

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